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SaaS User Onboarding

Live Event, April 22nd, 9 am PST

Tune in for a fully-interactive user onboarding workshop with Appcues’ Eric Keating. You’ll learn about today’s onboarding best practices and key metrics as well as review real-world onboarding experiences, in real-time. Eric will showcase some of his favorite examples and take suggestions from the audience, so if you’re looking for feedback on your own onboarding flow, you’ve got to join!



Why attend?

The first few minutes of a new user’s experience can make or break the success of your product. Effective user onboarding ensures that your users find value quickly, setting the stage for long-term usage and retention. Attend this session to:

  • Get real-time, expert feedback on your own user onboarding flow
  • See awesome examples of user onboarding done right
  • Learn how to identify your product’s “aha” moment 
  • Review onboarding best practices and key metrics

Who is this live class for?

This class has been structured for all levels of expertise and experience. 

  • If you’re trying to improve your user onboarding 
  • If you’re looking for new ideas and inspiration
  • If you’re struggling to identify your “aha” moment
  • If you’re new to user onboarding
  • If you’re in product, growth, marketing, or CS
  • This live class is for you!
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Eric Keating

Eric Keating is the VP Marketing at Appcues. In his current role, he runs marketing and growth, and works with SaaS businesses - from startups to the Fortune 500 - to optimize their own user onboarding experiences and product-led growth strategies.