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Conversion Rate Optimization

Drive more conversions from existing traffic

 Live Event May 6th, 9 AM PST

Join 13 year CRO veteran, Jeremy Epperson, for a fully-interactive CRO Landing Page Class. You will learn about CRO principles, strategies, and tactics that you can use to improve your testing results. Jeremy will showcase some of his favorite frameworks and make actionable recommendations for you, so if you’re looking for feedback on your own pages,  you’ve got to join!



Why attend?

Improving conversions is one of the best methods to grow revenue without investing in more ad budget or traffic. Attend this session to:

  • Get real-time, expert feedback on your own landing pages
  • Learn 11 different frameworks for analyzing for conversions
  • See awesome examples of applying research methods to testing

Who is this live class for?

  • Marketers wanting to improve conversion rates and reduce CPA
  • Growth hackers wanting to learn more about optimizing the onsite experience
  • Copywriters that want to improve their approach for content so it actually converts
  • UX Designers that want a strong focus on driving action on websites
  • Anyone interested in better understanding conversion rate optimization
  • Anyone interested in customer research and user behavior

This Live Class is an introduction of what you'd be learning by getting a CRO certification in the Growth University. That's where Jeremy, breaks down everything he has learned over 13 years of experience. In the 3 hour course, he showcases technical and practical content that you can use right away! Learn more about the course!

Jeremy Epperson

Your Instructor

Jeremy's mission is to help startups with the relentless pursuit of exponential growth online. He has launched Conversion Rate Optimization programs for 155+ startups and translated that into a proven and repeatable process to drive growth in your business. This process has generated over $247 million in tracked revenue from winning onsite tests. As a professional speaker, he has presented over 175 times in 47 states and trained over 42,000 Founders, Execs, Marketers, and Growth Leaders. As an entrepreneur, he launched 4 different 7+ figure businesses from scratch.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can my landing page/lead capture channel be the case study?
Absolutely! You can apply at this page, or write to

Is it really free?
Yes. It is real and it is free, it's really free!