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What's in your data?
Business Intelligence Live Class

Discover how to turn your data into business
intelligence that increases revenue & grows
your business

Live event at May 13th, 9 AM PST

Data is the backbone of decision-making, and yet it remains an underutilized resource in most organizations. Join 10-Year Business Intelligence Expert Sina Fak for this interactive deep dive into how to make data work harder for you!

You'll learn about Data Analysis Principles, Strategies & Processes that can be used to improve your revenue by reducing costs or improving customer experience (or all three).

Hear some of his favorite ways to break down data from real-life examples on a live class with Q&A included so you get actionable recommendations directly tailored towards your needs.


Why attend?

Packed with insights on how to make your company more data-driven, this session will teach you the five key elements of successful analytics.

You’ll gain a unique perspective from real professionals and come away with 5 powerful recommendations for improving growth in your business. So don't miss out!

Join us at our upcoming workshop or register now.

Who is this live class for?

This class is for you if you’re looking to:

  • Gain the skills to become a data-driven leader
  • Dive deep into your customer base and figure out what their needs are
  • Determine in which channels your marketing strategy is working best
  • Become a master of decision making knowledge to identify market opportunities
Sina Fak

Your Instructor

As the Head of Optimization & Business Intelligence at ConversionAdvocates, Sina Fak has helped 100s of companies tap into the power of their data and develop systems to continuously uncover growth opportunities since 2013.

His approach to growth is based on a scientific process of data analysis & experimentation. There is no such thing as one-size-fits-all with Sina. He knows that every business is unique and the strategies that work are different based on a unique ecosystem of their business, brand, positioning, product, industry, audience, and marketplace. His passion and curiosity for uncovering data-driven answers have led him to create one of the top-ranking CRO agencies in 2020.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get live feedback about data in this live class?
Absolutely! You can send your doubts with screenshots and descriptions on the registration form.
Sina will select some of the most asked questions and interesting examples to explore in the live class.

Is it really free?
Yes. It is real and it is free, it's really free!